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Jan Kroeni has been a music enthusiast and a film lover ever since he discovered Star Wars and the music of John Williams as a child. At 12 he started to play the piano and classical guitar, soon followed by the e-guitar. After 1 year at the Musicians Institute in L.A. he earned a diploma in sound engineering and ended up working in numerous studios. Even though his professional life has taken him to other sides of the entertainment business (3D graphics, compositing and editing) he still mixes the occasional commercial in 5.1 for cinema and records his own music whenever he finds the time between his day job and his family of 6. In 2006 Jan became an early adopter of Blu-ray and his hopes are high that Blu-ray-Audio can go where SACD and DVD-A have failed before, because he loves to be surrounded by pushy airwaves. :-) Jan Kroeni's Review Reference System: Denon 2930 SACD/DVDA player Playstation 3 Blu-ray Disc player Denon 3606 receiver, used as a preamp 2x Klein&Hummel O111 main speakers (active) 3x Klein&Hummel O96 Centre/Left Surround/Right Surround speakers (active) Sony VPL VW50 projector D.I.Y. Cinétec 1.0 gain screen (CIH 2.37:1)