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Aurora Snow’s Game of Thrones: Season 4: Ep. 6: “The Laws of God and Men” Review


“The Laws of God and Men”

With only four story threads to follow, there’s a little less whiplash in this week’s Game of Thrones. But don’t let that fool you, there’s still so much going on it may be worth watching twice.

For now, Daenery’s has stopped her pursuit of the Iron Throne to prove she can rule in Mereen. A queen should always be able to rule and if she can’t cut it here then the Iron Throne is already lost. The more authority she wields, the more wearisome are her days as Queen. There is no end in sight for all of the people who seek her counsel but she doesn’t always have the answers they seek. When her out of control dragons feasted on a poor shepherds goat flock she appeased the man with generosity, paying him three times his goats worth. Yet when it came to appeasing a man who begged to give his father a proper burial, Daenerys response was far more complicated. She had to face the consequences of her own actions (not all of the men nailed to the crosses were equally guilty). Daenery’s is a head strong woman who approaches things with a fiery resolve not unlike her dragons. Yet she also has a gentle heart, she loves her people which may ultimately be her weakness.

In a startling rescue attempt we finally see just how beaten down the former Theon Greyjoy is. He cowers and clings to his cage for dear life when Yara, his sister, tries to rescue him. He is no longer a Greyjoy, but Ramsey’s play thing, Reek. Evidently torture and fear are powerful persuasive devices. Broken beyond belief, a dehumanized Reek is now loyal to his torturer willing to do anything he asks. Which includes pretending to be someone he is not, Theon Greyjoy, (presumably to help Ramsay overthrow the Greyjoys). That should win Papas approval because in the end that’s all Ramsay really wants. Yara was right, her brother Theon is dead.

Finally! We see the much talked about Iron Bank of Braavos. And who heads it but none other than Sherlock actor Mark Gatiss as Tycho Nestoris. I hope we see more Gatiss soon, because his brief but much anticipated appearance just wasn’t enough. Stannis Boratheon and onion knight/smuggler Davos are there to plead their case, hoping the Iron Bank will back them with coin. With his pitiful people skills Stannis fails to convince them, luckily Davos is there. Davos saves the day with an eloquent heartfelt speech about how Stannis always pays people back. And to substantiate his claim, he waves his missing fingers at the bankers, see proof. He also makes an excellent point: Tommen is a child with no real birthright to the throne, so when the 67 year old Tywin dies what will stop Stannis from taking the throne? Nothing, so the Iron Bank would be wise to back the right man.

Nothing is fair in Westeros, but Tyrion always seems to get the short end of the stick. He’s the smartest Lannister, the one most like is father in wit, and he’s one of the most likeable characters on the show yet he can never catch a break. Tyrion’s trial takes center stage, and it’s a farce at best. Each witness casts a dark shadow over Tyrion’s character sharing various quips out of context. Tyrion isn’t even allowed to speak on his own behalf, it’s an all out character assassination. He took the assault like a man made of iron, but when Shae took the stand it broke his heart. Her lies were his undoing. So he confessed. But not to Joffrey’s murder.

No, Tyrion Lannister with his wickedly impeccable wit, confessed for his existence, the crime of being a dwarf. Because that is what he’s really on trial for, he’s on trial so his father can be rid of him once and for all. For all of his bravery in securing King’s Landing, and his tenacity in his master of coin position, Tyrion wields very little power. Right now he’s at the mercy of Cersie’s cruelty and his father’s contempt. Jamie is the only one on his side, but that’s hardly comforting considering the grave situation.

As always Peter Dinklige is superb in GoT, but after seeing him in this week’s “Laws of God and Men” I’m certain he deserves an award for his performance. The rage, the seething emotional turmoil, his disgust with his family, it all comes spilling out.

Every man has his limits and Tyrion has had enough. He demands a trial by battle (we’ve seen this before), since as he points out “I will get no justice here.”

Things are heating up in Westeros. We still have the white walkers to worry about, but even more imminent is the attack on Castle Black. Plus now we know Stannis Boratheon will fight for the throne, but the question is when. No one is safe.

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