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“Life Matters”


Last night twitter was abuzz with the brilliance of the second to last episode of True Blood which I finally saw around midnight. (I rarely catch TV shows live and more often than not fetch them from my DVR a few hours after airing.) The collective on twitter were right, it was “brilliant” — but only in a bloody mess kind of way. Surprised no one aired more grievances about the long drawn out funeral procession. Funerals are typically staged and wrapped in a scene or two, most don’t take up an entire episode. I didn’t realize Terry was such an important character. Sure he was likeable but why give his funeral an entire episode to play out? I didn’t mind the flashbacks into Terry’s life, and while I am happy the actor was able to collect one last paycheck after his character’s death, I’m still balking at the length of this story thread.

In stark cinematic contrast to the funeral, Eric who is now full of Warlow’s blood, spares no one in his blood-thirsty vengeful quest for Pam. The constant cuts between the vamp camp and the funeral were a bit much and erred on the repetitive side, though it could be argued this was an artistic choice and while some may like it, I did not.

What captured the buzz on twitter was the prodigious amount of blood strewn boldly throughout the episode. Even for a show about blood sucking vamps and death this was the bloodiest episode yet, if the writer’s were going for shock value they hit the nail on the head.  Eric impressively blazed his own trail into the vamp camp and left plenty of bloody entrails behind. To find Eric, all Bill had to do was follow the path of exposed human guts, torn heads and severed limbs. This revenge was not only sweet, it was gruesome.

I know he deserved it, but I almost felt bad for the doctor who poisoned Eric’s sister with Hep V. Death by torture of extremities is no way to go. Seeing his genitals ripped off and lying a few feet away from him as he bled out was ghastly. Bill found the poor doctor begging for the mercy of death and in a grisly moment of vengeance for Jessica’s torture, Bill smashed the doc’s face in leaving a shoe print of skull and bloody flesh. Reminded me of something out of a Troma film. Bill was on a mission to rescue his flock (in direct contrast to Eric’s mission of vengeance), willing to give himself up and become the savior he felt destined to be. After allowing all of those vamps to feed off him I wasn’t sure if Bill was going to make it out alive. Glad he pulled through, but wonder what will be next for him. Lilith’s three bloody bodies were coming for him as he neared the true death, thankfully Jessica and her new boy toy got to Bill first and saved him with his own magical blood. He escaped Lilith’s claim for the time being, but will she hunt him down until he surrenders?

The vamps seemed to have little fear about being in the sun for the first time since they stopped breathing.  They had no way of knowing if this was a temporary or permanent effect after drinking Bill’s blood. If I were one of them I’d be a little worried the effects may wear off. The happy-happy-joy-joy feeling wouldn’t commandeer my common sense. Even Tara and Pam were lost in it.

Sparks flew once more between Pam and Eric, they have a deep connection like an old married couple still in love but also embarking on their own paths. In a tender moment, Eric saves the therapist Pam fucked for her to do with as she pleases. Didn’t see how the therapist met his end, but the way Pam dances around with his slumped over body leads me to imagine she toyed with him, killed him and continues to play. This was Eric’s peace offering, he came to save Pam and now she knows he still loves her. Love doesn’t always conquer all. At the end in a heartbreaking moment, Eric ditches Pam once more like a slap in the face. He has some issues to work out. And while Pam’s waiting at least she has Tara, who was fairly absent from this episode.

I thought for sure we’d see the death of Sarah Newlin, but no, Jason Stackhouse just doesn’t have it in him. Seems he has quite the conscience despite constantly switching sides. Jason is a very confused man. Even if he didn’t want to be the one to pull the trigger, he could have dragged her kicking and screaming to the vamps. Let them do the dirty deed, I’m sure they’d be happy to oblige. But no, crazy for Christ Sarah will live another day to inflict more of her harmful murderous values on others. At least her ex, Steve Newlin, burned thanks to Eric Northman; they really were two of a kind. And they both had a thing for Jason Stackhouse. A glorious last line for Steve “I love you Jason Stackhouse” made his death one to remember and burned Sarah a little more. It was the perfect way for his character to go out.

This episode was both captivating and monotonous all at once. For the second to last episode of the season I expected more action. The funeral added drag into what could have been an exceptional episode. Perhaps the slower pace set by the funeral this week will add to the explosive finale hinted at for next week.

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  1. I could not believe how long the funeral portion went on and on and on, talk about overkill. I wanted to see more carnage at the camp, plus there were many other plot lines that were completely ignored. I was also disappointed that the writers didn’t do some sort of parallel between the Japanese being sent to a camp during WWII and what the vampires were currently dealing with. It would’ve been an interesting way to get some compassion from the scientist locked in Bill’s house.

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