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Aurora Snow’s True Blood: Season 7: Ep. 5 “Lost Cause” Review


“Lost Cause”

Remember all the townsfolk that hated Sookie? Well suddenly they like her well enough to come to her party. They either came for the free food or they are truly sorry for her loss. Based on Sookie’s telepathy the latter seems more likely.

Lafayette took it upon himself to fill Sookie’s empty home with more than tears and regrets. As he reasons, they should be “celebrating life” not mourning their loss. Ha! What an amusing idea on a show all about death – vampires aren’t exactly among the living. Nonetheless, while I see Lafayette’s point, I still found it strange that he’s trying to sell Sookie on the party. Give the girl a break; let her mourn for a week then throw a party.

No party is without drama and this one is no exception. Two hook-ups in particular ruin relationships. First Jessica catches Lafayette and James getting it on — and in her car! Sure James was feeling neglected, but cheating is never the answer. In an effort to smooth things over Lafayette points out some hard truths. He knows more about Jessica’s boyfriend than she does and yet she claims to love him. Obviously Lafayette is making a point about who really loves James more. Never mind that James is also gay, though at this point Jessica claims he’s just “confused.” Poor Jessica.

Jessica’s night gets better after she hooks up with her old flame, Jason Stackhouse. He’s the shoulder to cry on, the man with a tender heart not to mention a hot familiar body. There’s no better way to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend than that. Violet catches these two in the act, but keeps it to herself. That can only mean one thing: trouble. Who will her wrath fall on first, Jason or Jessica?

Drama aside, one of the party’s biggest surprises was Andy’s proposal to Holly. It was one of the sweetest moments of the evening. The way he gets tongue tied, the way he bungles his thoughts and the way Holly jumped the gun to say ‘yes.’ Guess this means their kids won’t be dating anytime soon. Dating your stepbrother or stepsister is just plain weird, even for True Blood.

Last week was full of flashbacks to Bill Compton’s pre-vamp life and this week was no different. It’s overkill. Yes, it’s made the man likeable, but, geez, enough is enough! There were too many boring flashbacks in my opinion with no pertinent information. It was a real drag and killed what could have been an otherwise great episode.

Perhaps the show was only reminding us of his humanity so we could care more about his death? And on that note, I’m confused as to how Bill was infected at all. He seems like a cautious vampire unlike Eric who was purposefully careless.

It’s hard to believe the show will kill Bill in the last season, which means a cure must be around the corner. How disappointing. There goes the thrill of the unknown. Killing Bill would truly be a surprise. I am still holding out for the “anything goes” policy of the last season.

Eric and Pam’s story thread was the most enjoyable. They found Sarah! (As did the Yakuza.) For being a weak infected vamp Eric demolished the fearsome Yakuza with an impressive flourish. While fun to watch this is just another confusing aspect of the show. Why the Yakuza are after Sarah is unclear, thus far they seem to be a random enemy. Eric’s pursuit of her seems far more credible, as is his own hatred of the Yakuza. Let’s hope the show makes some sense of this mess soon!

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