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Aurora’s True Blood: Season 6: Episode 6 “Don’t You Feel Me?” Review

“Don’t You Feel Me?”


Episode 6 was my least favorite episode of the season thus far, though still good. After all, this has been a really strong season. Perhaps the most gratifying moment in this episode came when Bill ripped the governor’s head off in broad daylight. It was beautifully empowering. Bill is a force to be reckoned with thanks to an itty bitty vial of Warlow’s blood. Watch out vamp camp staffers, he’s coming for you.

Elated to see Pam and Eric turn the tables on their captors if only for a moment. At least neither of them were brutally staked, that was an almost heartbreaking cliffhanger from last week. Fascinated with Eric and Willa’s new teamwork, at long last there is a ray of hope and the fresh scent of possible escape. Unfortunately Eric’s sister Nora might not make it since she’s been infected with a new fast acting vamp killing disease. In their quest to free others Eric stumbles upon the real reason the governor has begun production of Tru-Blood, and if all goes according to plan vamps won’t be roaming the earth much longer. The irony here is that the good vamps who try to avoid feeding on humans will be the ones at risk, yet no threat is posed to those who avoid the contaminated synthetic blood and only feed upon humans. It’s clearly a government operation.

In a touching father-daughter scene Andy names his remaining daughter. She’s no longer “number 4.” Instead she’s given four names, one for her and three more to represent the memory of her fallen sisters. A toothache inducing moment: sugary sweet.

The biggest surprise of the episode was the death of a long time cast member, Terry. Poor Arlene, that woman gets no breaks in life. She and Holly brilliantly came up with a solution to Terry’s misery; have a vamp glamour him into forgetting about the war. It worked. Terry became a new and improved happy-go-lucky version of himself. Which made seeing him go that much harder. Maybe he can be revived, but it looked like he was too far gone in Arlene’s arms. Terry was both selfish and foolish to hire his buddy to take him out, very disappointing to see his plan work. People who plan suicide have a hard time seeing any future beyond their current problems and Terry was no exception.

Alcide’s appearance in this week’s episode seemed pointless, he continually has no real motivation except to prove what a power hungry jerk he still is. His principles seem especially flawed when he refuses to give Sam a break. Speaking of which, my faith in good ol’ Sam Merlot has been renewed, he finally did the right thing by returning Emma to her grandmother. Where he and Nicole go next is unclear though I cannot imagine Sam leaving Bon Temps.

I was almost certain the writers couldn’t let Sookie die, so the question wasn’t whether or not Lafeyette’s possessed body would drown her but who would come to her rescue. Bill typically gets Sookie rescue duties so it was a nice surprise to see her dark prince Warlow save the day. After playing the knight in shining armor gag, Sookie, no longer the damsel in distress, returns the favor by taking Warlow to a place Bill can no longer reach him — faerie land. This proves an ideal setting for Warlow to confess his romantic idyllic future with Sookie as his one and only forever. All she has to do is become his vampire bride. Slight downside. I don’t see this happening. Sookie cannot become a vampire as it would drastically change the show’s formula. She would no longer need rescuing and her relationships wouldn’t be nearly as, err, complicated. Warlow’s romantic spiel must have gotten to her because not long after Sookie shares that the whole town calls her a “danger whore.” Then she just complies, admitting that she must be one after all, strips down and climbs onto Warlow for an orgasmic ride. No different than the start of a cheesy porno where the girl says, “If everyone calls me a slut I may as well act like one” and boom-chica-boom it’s into the sex scene. Geez, what a lousy way to end that episode.

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  1. Good review, but I don’t have much hope for Eric’s sister considering how many have passed this season. The scene with Eric and Pam was so enjoyable to watch, didn’t see that outcome. I thought they would’ve thrown down the stakes and starting making out just to mess with the audience, boy was I wrong.

    • I thought for sure either Pam or Eric would be the next to die off when they were given stakes to go at it. So happy they survived. Great way to get them out of that scene!

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