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Aurora Snow’s Once Upon A Time: Season 3: Ep. 13: “Witch Hunt” Review


“Witch Hunt”


You cannot choose who you are born to or who your blood relatives are, but you can choose who to surround yourself with.  Sometimes friends can be just as close if not closer than family, as is Regina’s case these days. Much to her dismay, Regina meets her long lost half sister. With family like that who needs enemies?!

Regina had lost her will to live up until this point, she was on the verge of putting herself to sleep forever. With Henry gone she had no reason left to live, until now. Anger can be more powerful than love, and it’s with her renewed sense of fury that the Evil Queen promises to destroy her newfound sister. Of course that was a year ago. She, currently, along with everyone else in Storybrooke has a case of amnesia. She can’t destroy the person she can’t even remember.

While the Evil Queen may have her faults, she’s no longer on the side of evil. Better yet she’s working with Emma Swan to solve the new Storybrooke curse. Emma and Regina have developed a mutual trust over the last few episodes. Fighting over Henry once drove a wedge between them, but it was rescuing him that brought them together. Henry would be proud of his mothers, or at least he would be if his memory was restored. Despite her best attempts Regina failed to create a memory potion. I sometimes question just how powerful she is, she’s not as omnipotent as she pretends to be.

Karma is coming for Regina. Even though she’s had a change of heart, she can never undo the hell she put Snow White through. And now it’s payback time. The Wicked Witch wants to make Regina suffer, just for being who she is (sound familiar?). While I expected The Wicked Witch to have a superior motive, I do admire the karmic twist.  Perhaps Robin Hood will get his a chance yet to win Regina over. The writer’s have planted  the seed of romance, now it’s only a matter of time before it blooms.

It’s not just memories the residents of Storybrooke are missing, it’s the people. Characters are turning into flying monkeys! It’s a hellish form of rabies, one flying monkey bite is all it takes to turn you into one of them. It’s one heck of a way to collect an army of indentured servants. Kudos to The Wicked Witch. Despite her lofty powers, I wonder if this Wicked Witch can be killed with a bucket of water. That would be far too simple for OUAT. Curious to see how closely her weaknesses align with the original version from Oz.

Did anyone else find The Wicked Witch’s interest in Snow’s baby creepy? I wanted to yell “run, that’s no midwife!” I hope the witch doesn’t try to snatch the baby at birth. Snow is practically bursting at the seams. How far along is she in this pregnancy?  I loved that she was reading a baby book and is now worried about cradle crap. I’m sure those are mundane things that don’t happen in the Enchanted Forest.

Surprise! Rumpelstiltskin’s back! The Wicked Witch has him locked up, but we all know Rumple never stays behind bars for long. He seems just as crazy as ever, more Rumple than Mr.Gold. Which leaves me wondering if his dual identity is back, or if he only remembers being Rumpelstiltskin. We’ll have to wait to find out. Hope Rumple is featured more next week!

Overall this was a spectacular episode with plenty of ingenious surprises. It’s sure to keep you on your toes with your eyes locked to the screen.

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