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Aurora Snow’s True Blood: Season 7: Ep. 8: “Almost Home” Review


“Almost Home”

“Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, they were shells beautiful to look at but hollow once penetrated.”

Violet had the corniest line of the episode. Sure, it looks great on paper, but it sounds more like a line you’d read in a novel than something a person would utter. Shortly thereafter she was given one of the most entertaining farewell scenes yet.

Proving the old adage true, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” Violet concocts a plan to make her victims welcome death (as an escape from the new hell she’s created). She plans to torture them just like they used to in the old days. Violet threatened to crush a skull, rip fingers off, tear the skin off barely formed adolescent breasts, and rape one of them with a red hot poker shaped like a dildo. It was a violently illustrated scene taking place in her own personal dungeon. The theatrics of it gave me goose bumps. Too bad it ended abruptly. On the other hand what a way to go!

Violet’s death was the perfect way to plug Hoyt back into Jessica’s life. He became an instant hero. Suddenly Jessica is reminded of everything she’s ever loved about him. Hoyt, still unaware of his true past, is smitten with Jessica despite being in a relationship. I just have one question about this: how did he manage to save the day anyway?

Last we saw Hoyt’s hot blonde girlfriend ditched him to tag along on Jason’ dangerous mission. Maybe Hoyt tailed them. Sure that’s a possibility, then after that he just happened to sneak into Violet’s home undetected? I seriously doubt it. However it was a convenient way to make Hoyt the hero so he and Jessica could hook back up. Because that’s where this is going. With only two episodes left it seems the show is forcing our characters back into the relationships they started with in the first couple of seasons.

Instead of providing us with new scandalous hook-ups they’re taking us back to what we were baited with in the first place. Face it, the Jessica/Jason relationship would have been a killer way to end things. But… it looks like Jessica and Hoyt are being written into each other. Meanwhile Jason might end up in bed with Hoyt’s girlfriend, in which case it really has come full circle.

Sookie and Bill are back together, in it until the end. Which might be sooner than we think. Bill has refused to drink Sara Newlin’s blood. A predictable move. It was a foreseeable struggle considering his recent self reflection and trips down memory lane. He reveals that it was Sookie who taught him to be human again. And for that he will always love her. He can’t offer her a normal life with children, and that irks his old-fashioned ego so he may as well die. Bill has accepted and welcomed his own death. But can Sookie? Because in the end it’s always about what Sookie wants.

Poor Tara. She’s been revived as a ghost, but one that only appears to people on drugs. Huh. That’s strange behavior for a ghost, isn’t it? Just let the poor women go. She and her mother did not have anything left to resolve, they’d already patched things up. This was a pointless storyline.

Speaking of pointless… anyone else feel like the Yakuza don’t belong in Bon Temps? The creating and marketing of NuBlood is a boring thread. Big business comes in and figures out how to turn a continual profit by not actually curing people, but by creating a product that they need indefinitely to survive. It’s sad. On a smaller scale it reminds me of all the heartburn medication on supermarket shelves. If heartburn could be eliminated would companies sell that cure? Probably not.

Overall it wasn’t a bad episode and offered quite a few exciting scenes. Unfortunately it was predictably written and failed to provide consistently plausible story lines.

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