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Aurora’s True Blood: Season 6: Episode 7 “In The Evening” Review

“In The Evening”

Loved this episode — so much going on my head’s still spinning! Our heroic male characters are all at the mercy of women this time around.  A death last week and another death this week. Will there be a death per episode now? A frightening thought, I don’t want to lose anymore characters. In a far cry from his typical alpha status, we see Eric, heart-broken and crying, as his sister dies in his arms – and what a way to die, seeing her go like that was fittingly wretched. With his sister gone, Eric turns to Bill, a believer in his divinity and a willing follower. These two could be the unstoppable force the vamps need. I’m rooting for them.

A silver lining for Arlene in Terry’s death, (finally some good news for that woman!) thanks to his freshly inked life insurance policy she’ll never have to worry about money again. Somehow Arlene strikes me as the kind of woman who’d prefer to have her man back than any sum of money. It’s a small consolation. Curious to see if the influx of cash changes her character or if her life will just unravel in a different way.

What’s with the hateful werewolves? I’m so over them. I was shocked to see Nicole and her mom captured. Made no sense to bring them back.  It’s impossible to look forward to this story thread, if anything it’s the low point of the show. C’mon, let the ladies go. There was plenty of build-up for a big altercation between Sam and the werewolves without them.  Doesn’t look like Alcide will be packmaster for much longer thanks to his power hungry bitch. I detect a little ray of hope for Alcide yet. He may get the chance to be a good guy once more.

Sure are a lot of power-hungry women in this episode, but Sarah Newman takes the cake. She’s coming across like an evil genius hell-bent on smothering the world with her own take on the principles of Christ. Her deceptive plans to hide the governor’s demise put her in the coveted seat of power. Bad news for Jason Stackhouse. His heart’s in the right place  — he wants to do right by Jessica, but he obviously hasn’t thought this all out. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”,  especially a woman like Sarah. Didn’t see that one coming! She threw a freshly wounded Jason into a room of hungry vamps (ouch). I don’t know how he’s going to make it out of that one, at least Tara’s there to defend him. I feel like Jason is just one of those characters the writers cannot do without, so I expect he’ll be around for awhile. Or at least I hope.

I loved seeing Pam back to her old take charge self. She has the therapist eating out of her perfectly manicured cold little hands. Someone has a vamp crush! I don’t see this relationship going anywhere, if anything Pam will use and abuse her newfound power.  It’s about time!

Not a strong Sookie element in this episode, but I suspect she’ll play a bigger part soon. Good-hearted Sookie seemed to be a little snotty after Bill dumped the responsibility of saving the vamps on her; bet she’s tired of having to help. Maybe she just wants out of it for once. She’ll have to use her feminine wiles to convince Warlow to save the race he wishes extinction upon. I have faith in Sookie, she always manages to pull it off, but will the price be herself? I just can’t see Sookie becoming Warlow’s vampire bride.

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