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Assassination Classroom: Season Two Part Two (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Assassination Classroom: Season Two, Part Two Blu-ray Combo Pack Cover ArtIn what is ostensibly the final part of this funny and often heartfelt, action-filled comedy sci-fi anime series, Assassination Classroom closes out in the bottom half of season two with episodes 14-25 as the class finds out the truth behind their oddball alien teacher Koro Sensei as the destruction of the planet draws near. The class splits between those students who begin to question whether they still really want to assassinate the teacher they have come to love and those who remain dedicated to their original assignment.

As with the previous season and the first half of Season Two, Assassination Classroom Season Two, Part Two maintains a fine balance of offbeat comedy, dazzling sci-fi comedy, and heartfelt coming of age drama centered around the quirky, demented, and surprisingly caring Koro Sensei and his students. The culmination, without providing any spoilers, is a closing battle sequence that harnesses the entire animation prowess that has defined the series. The weakness of the second half of Season Two is the final roundup episode that feels anti-climactic and totally unnecessary.