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Hell or High Water (TheaterByte Movie Review)

'Hell or High Water' is a well done modern western thriller.

Star Trek Beyond (TheaterByte Blu-ray 3D Review)

The third installment of the Star Trek franchise reboot switches directors, pumps up the action, and loses sight of good storytelling.

Star Trek Beyond (TheaterByte Movie Review)

The third time out is still a charm for the Simon Pegg co-written Star Trek Beyond.

The Finest Hours (TheaterByte Blu-ray Review)

Chris Pine is a 1950s Coast Guard captain risking all to make a rescue in the visually and aurally stunning yet two-dimensional disaster flick 'The Finest Hours' out now on Blu-ray from Disney.

Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray 3D Review

J.J. Abrams borrows from classic Star Trek canon with his exciting second entry in his alternate timeline reboot, Star Trek Into Darkness

Rise of the Guardians Blu-ray 3D Review

Somewhere along the line, this well-intentioned film's story became an encouragement of holiday commercialism, but the action, imagery, and well used 3D effect save it from being a complete failure.

This Means War Blu-ray Review

This Means War is a refreshingly original romantic comedy that is funny and should appeal to men and women alike.

Unstoppable Blu-ray Review

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine ride the rails in this mindless action flick from director Tony Scott.

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