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Aurora Snow’s Game of Thrones: Season 4: Ep. 07: “Mockingbird” Review



Females rule in this week’s installment of Game of Thrones.

**Spoiler Alert**

“Do what you do best… take off your clothes.”

In a powerful exchange, Daenary’s Targaryen puts Daario in his place, but you won’t hear him complaining. After Daario states both his needs and desires his “master” rewarded him by making the most of his (ahem) skills. His desire to please his queen, the way he craves her affection, and his willingness to do anything she commands might make him the ultimate submissive. No flash of nudity from the Mother of Dragons, but plenty of man butt from Michiel Huisman as Deanary’s gave his front side an appreciative gaze. That must have counted as foreplay. While Daenery’s managed to keep her modesty intact this week others weren’t so lucky.

Melisandre, our favorite Lady in Red is back and Carice Van Houten is looking as lovely as ever. Van Houten spends most of her screen time topless and nude if only to taunt her lover’s wife, Selyse. (HBO never misses an opportunity to show some boob). In a rare reveal, Melisandre explains the true purpose of her potions, which, as you can guess, boils down to deception more or less leading an imaginative individual to believe in illusions. Yet we know her magic is real, how else would she have birthed a shadow in the second season? There is far more to Melisandre than she’s sharing; she’s simply renewing her hold over Selyse, tightening her grip for what is to come. And whatever is coming must be huge.

Jon Snow is one of the few characters with foresight. He’s been on the other side of the wall, he’s seen the giants and knows the terror of Mance Raiders army. Too bad he’s not on the council of the Night’s Watch. To them he’s some young pup (and possible traitor) full of ideas they don’t want to hear. No one takes Snow’s advice seriously, perhaps they’ll live to regret it.

Soon we’ll see The Mountain and Prince Oberyn face off. Justice at last. Or so Oberyn thinks, though I’m somewhat concerned about his longevity at this point. He’s such a likeable, honorable character, we know by now this can’t end well. Plus the writers have made it perfectly clear, that no one fights The Mountain and lives to tell about it. And if the tales weren’t enough to convince us the bloody entrails he carelessly tosses about should be. But despite the frightening stories and bloody theatrics, The Mountain fails to inspire the terror he ought to. Perhaps that’s because the man himself, Hafbor Julius Bjornsson has the stage presence of a giant teddy bear. He comes across as a gentle giant of an actor. He hardly seems like the kind of guy that could burn his brother’s face off for playing with one of his toys.

Arya and The Hound have become amenable companions though technically she’s still his captive, he hardly treats her that way. With a bounty on his head The Hound is no doubt rethinking the benefits of Arya’s companionship and yet he’s also come to appreciate the little spitfire. He even teaches her how to stab a man right through the heart (much to her delight). With killer appetites to whet, these two have become the most unlikely kindred spirits yet. Now on their way to the Eyrie, as are Brienne and Podrick, another improbable duo.

Thanks to the journey of Brienne and Podrick we encounter Hot Pie once more. He seems to be happily baking away and very proud of his kidney pie. Even though he was sold like a slave, life worked out well for Hot Pie – he couldn’t be happier. I must admit it was a surprising change of pace to see a couple of characters enjoy a meal at a tavern without killing anyone. Hot Pie set Brienne on track, now she knows to keep an eye out for Arya. Her promise to Cateyln Stark might not go unfulfilled after all.

With so many characters heading to the Eyrie, it seems like a bad time for Lysa Arryn to disappear. Knowing Littlefinger he’s already two steps ahead. I’d bet Lysa’s death was planned, he was just waiting for the right opportunity. Littlefinger never intended to let her live, he wanted her castle and the title of Lord, once she gave him those things her usefulness vanished. Never mind that she was insanely jealous, insecure and flat out crazy. If it weren’t for Littlefinger’s terrific timing, Sansa would have been thrown out the moon door. I can’t tell if Sansa has terrible luck, or has been terribly lucky. She narrowly escaped marriage to Joffrey only to become Tyrion’s wife, but was then rescued by Littlefinger who now wants her for himself. Though if he truly sees Sansa as a daughter, then his lust for her is reprehensible. Sex is power, it’s too bad Sansa hasn’t yet figured out how to wield it.

Power is the one thing Tyrion has little of. Locked away in his dungeon all he can do is wait for the battle he requested to commence. His two preferred champions declined, but not without explanation. Jamie can no longer wield a sword and Bronn flat out refused. Bronn makes a strong case for himself, unless the reward is great enough he sees no reason to risk his life. Besides that, Cersei is offering him more than Tyrion ever could.

Cersei has dreamed of Tyrion’s death his entire life. The women doesn’t have a kind bone in her body and that’s made even more clear with Prince Oberyn’s recollection of her. In the pursuit of justice, Oberyn proclaims himself Tyrion’s champion. The look on Cersei’s face when she hears the news is sure to be priceless.

Overall “Mockingbird” was another fabulous episode in this increasingly addictive series. With only three episodes to go this season is obviously building towards something stupendous. Sadly, there will be no Game of Thrones next week. The wait until episode eight already feels too long!

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