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Aurora Snow’s Shameless: Season 4: Ep.10: “Liver, I Hardly Know Her” Review


“Liver, I Hardly Know Her”


Fiona has gone off the deep end. We’ve seen this before, but never in Fiona, this kind of irresponsible behavior is typically reserved for Frank. Which begs the question, is she another Frank in the making? With Frank dying surely someone must take his place.

Fiona’s sunk to an all time low, violating her probation and getting high with strangers. Going to Robbie’s house was a bad idea. But after hearing from Mike’s sister what a bad person she was, Fiona, gave in. She’s a product of her environment and instead of bettering herself, she went after the chaos. Fiona is searching for herself in all the wrong places. It’s time to rein this identity crisis in. As she said to Lip, “I don’t know who I am anymore because clearly I’m not the big sister who’s taking care of everyone.” Instead of giving her a lecture, Lip finally has compassion and sympathy for what Fiona is going through. She needed that reassurance and love more than anything. Her siblings have always taken her guardianship for granted, they saw Fiona as the strong one, but even the strong need help sometimes. With Lip’s support Fiona is ready to face the consequences, and hopefully (this time), make some real changes in her life. Those changes will no doubt start with some time in the slammer.

Lip has continued to be the new head of household while also attending college. Thanks to his obsessively organized “girlfriend” (he almost referred to her as such in this episode), there’s no way he can forget about a class or a test. He now has a laminated schedule to refer to at all times. Lip’s done a 180, no longer the slacker that was admitted to college, he’s now a hard studying freshman. Hopefully Lip can keep this pace up until Fiona is back on her feet. He’s come so far, I’d hate to see him lose it all now.

Both Mandy and Mickey are now living at the Gallaghers. Mickey’s shacked up with his boyfriend and Mandy’s hiding out from an abusive one. It was heartbreaking to see Mandy return to her toxic relationship, she’s a battered woman who might not think she deserves better. I was cheering for Ian as he pulled a knife on Mandy’s woman-beating boyfriend. She needs someone to stand up for her, since she won’t do it herself. I suspect Mandy has the potential to be a strong, goodhearted character if only given some better opportunities. After watching Ian pull a knife, Mickey finally calls him out on his weird behavior, but doesn’t get a straight answer. I still suspect he’s on drugs. He barely sleeps and is bursting at the seams with energy.

Veronica’s twins are here! Kev’s gone into Daddy mode and caused trouble with Mickey. Both men need money for their babies, and it’s causing serious issues. The whore business at the Alibi isn’t making as much money as the two men had hoped so they’re both squabbling over what little it does. Mickey robbed the cash register, so in turn Kev robs him at gun point (all for baby wipes and diaper cream). Knowing payback is around the corner has made Kev jumpy. He’s an amateur fighter with no gun sense, but a hefty ego. Let this be a lesson in gun safety: no one should ever walk around with their finger on the trigger of a loaded gun. That’s how (preventable) accidents happen. Sure enough Kev tripped and the gun went off, aimed at V and their twins. Can V forgive him?

Never trust a drug dealer, especially one claiming to know a black market surgeon. But desperate times call for desperate measures. With Frank on the brink of death Sheila and Sammi didn’t have much choice unless they wanted to watch him die. But instead of receiving a liver, Frank loses a kidney! It was a hilarious twist I didn’t see coming. If those guys only knew Frank, I doubt they’d want his kidney. In another clever twist, Frank is now getting a liver and it only cost him a kidney. Being on the brink of death has made him a higher priority at the hospital.

Shameless continues on its darkest journey yet.

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