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Aurora Snow’s Once Upon a Time: Season 3: Ep. 12: “New York City Serenade” Review


“New York City Serenade”

The wait is finally over! Once Upon a Time has made a gloriously “wicked” return, picking up right where it left off mid-season so long ago. It’s been one year since the curse was reversed and the reset button pushed. This episode jolts around through time and space, from our world to theirs. In “our world” it’s present day, one year after the curse reset, but back in the Enchanted Forrest it’s one year ago shortly after the reset when all of the Storybrooke folk returned to their original homeland.

Equipped with lovely new memories, none of which include Storybrooke, Emma and Henry seem to be flourishing in New York. Involved in a serious relationship, Emma seems to have a real shot at happiness, she’s even considering the possibility of marriage. Ignorance is bliss.

While Walsh doesn’t seem like Emma’s type, he reminds me of a spindly librarian, or a quiet nerdy science type, either way he’s not as personable as Emma’s previous flames. He obviously loves Emma and went to great lengths to orchestrate a proposal knowing she might not say yes. Wise teen Henry makes observations beyond his years and yet are quite plausible coming from an only child who knows his mother only too well. He just wants his mom to be happy. Maybe it’s time for a change, sometimes the quiet guys can be full of surprises.

Imagine having everything you want in life and then some stranger comes along offering you a potion that would bless you with knowledge, would you take it? That’s essentially what happens to Emma. At first she accuses Hook of being a crazy stalker, but luckily he’s a persistent fellow on a mission to endure her disbelief no matter the cost. I am curious to see how Emma introduces Hook to Henry, how will she explain the pirate from a life she suddenly remembers but he doesn’t? At some point she’ll have to explain what’s really going on to her son. Perhaps there is a mnemonic that will jog Henry’s memory in Storybrooke, surely that would simplify things.

Back in the Enchanted Forrest, Snow White and the Evil Queen settle their differences and agree to live and rule together from their castle. Too bad it’s already occupied! Aurora knows, but kept it to herself, for fear of the consequences. Whoever it is she fears them more than the Evil Queen. A powerful void was created with Rumpelstiltskin’s departure and a void like that is irresistible to fill. Though if you listen closely it sounds like Rumple may not be dead after all. Sure would love to see his character brought back. He’s the life of the party!

So with Rumple gone and the Evil Queen turning over a new leaf, what new evil force did the writers of OUAT come up with? There are a plethora of fairy tale villains to choose from, yet they dreamed up a new version of the Wicked Witch. With her shimmering green skin, the woman looks like a giant fish scale dressed as a witch. I’m not complaining, I also happen to find the look compelling while adding to her villain factor. Like most villains in this series, she has a motive for being evil, deep down she’s just a woman seeking revenge.

The rest of season three is off to a good start with this episode. There’s a new antagonist in town. What will triumphs, evil or wickedness? I can’t wait to see the Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch battle it out. I’m also looking forward to some of the more obvious romantic threads. Perhaps the Evil Queen will finally give love a chance with Robin Hood, she can step off her evil pedestal for a while. It was losing her love that turned her, so perhaps love can make her heart beat with an honest purpose once more. I’m still hoping to see Emma and the pirate hook up, it’s the carrot the writers keep dangling.

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