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Aurora Snow’s True Blood: Season 6: Episode 8: “Dead Meat” Review


“Dead Meat”


I thought we’d finally see Bill and Eric back on the same team, particularly with the way last week’s episode ended. Slightly disappointed to see Eric lash out at Bill, though it’s probably his grief talking, after all Eric did put his faith in Lilith-Bill and his sister died regardless. Sure that felt like a slap in the face. Maybe the pain of Nora’s death will serve as Eric’s wake-up call, he just proved Lilith-Bill cannot conquer all. Perhaps this will be the motivation he needs to waltz back into the torture chambers and save the vamps singlehandedly. The old Eric would have done that.

Bill and Sookie’s relationship is in the pits. Maybe it went south when she tried killing him with a stake, or perhaps it was when Bill said she was “dead” to him, either way it still came as a surprise when Bill, zapped of all emotion, didn’t care if Sookie became a vampire. Obviously Sookie still has some feelings for Bill or his carelessness wouldn’t have hurt the way it did.

Always looking out for others, Sookie resolved herself to becoming Warlow’s eternal princess bride. I couldn’t fathom seeing Sookie as a vampire, I knew something had to happen before she was turned. Sookie’s human nature is too pertinent to the continuous story of Bon Temps to give up like that.

Some people have all the luck in life, and while Sookie has the occasional run of good luck, she mostly has bad timing. Poor Sam. What a bad time to unload on him. He’s been through enough, from Luna dying, giving up Emma, seeing Nicole’s friends eaten by the wolves and then narrowly escaping with his life, etc. But now he has Sookie, at long last throwing herself at him a few months or years too late. Sure Sam has always had feelings for Sookie, but as he acknowledged time and again, she passed him over for the more “dangerous” men. Maybe Sookie felt like Sam would be her back-up lover, you know the guy that’ll always be there for you no matter what even if it isn’t the best thing for him. Sam’s a good guy, but he isn’t a sucker, sorry Sook. No man can wait on a back burner forever.

Sam’s going to be a daddy! Nicole doesn’t know it yet, but that explains the weird exchange between Sam and Alcide in the bar about Sam’s scent on Nicole. No wonder Sam is professing his love so early on and trying to convince Nicole to stay in Bon Temps. Her momma is right, after the trauma Nicole’s experienced this is no time to make serious decisions. What’s Momma going to think of having a new grand baby? She already disapproves of the relationship her 23-year-old daughter and the “silver fox” have. I love Momma’s new name for Sam, fitting, funny and not unkind.

Thrilled to see the tide turning for Alcide. If the pack wants a cold-blooded killer then they shouldn’t have a problem finding one among them. It’s not that Alcide didn’t try, he proved himself worthy of being pack leader, but at the end of the day his goodhearted nature thankfully won out. When did the werewolf pack turn so unforgivably violent? Let the vicious bitches that challenged him take over. Although, I have a feeling Alcide won’t be able to walk away from the pack as easily as he’d like.

If we weren’t completely sure before, we now have confirmation that Sarah is totally bat-shit crazy. She took the concept of “religious nut” to new levels, thanking Jesus after delivering a deadly stiletto to the head of her victim. She crossed a line murdering in the name of Christ, showing no remorse. I have a feeling that some very bloody karma will catch up with her sooner than later.

Interesting to see Jason Stackhouse become the property of the head prison vamp. Considering how many starving lady vamps he’s around, his situation could be a whole lot worse. She doesn’t want to kill him, she just wants him for eternity. She’s an old fashioned catholic vamp and doesn’t go for one-night stands. Will she entice Jason the way she thinks? She seems pretty confident that he’ll be the one begging for sex soon.

Every episode this season has been filled with suspense, surprise and action, all without veering too far into the realm of ridiculousness. With only two more episodes to go in the season it seems unlikely to disappoint. Expect more steamy, blood-thirsty adventure next week.

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  1. Dear Miss Aurora Snow, I believe your fascination with Vampires is related to your career. The transgressor/otherworldly motif strikes a chord with your outcast/needing to belong craving. The sexual tone of the act of vampirism is a fetishising of blood and canibalism. Just as oral sex is a fetishing of consumption and communion. Just as Catholic communion is a celebration of a meal together. Just as we should get together some time for a drink.

    • I am not sure I agree with you. My fascination isn’t so much with vampires as it is with True Blood as a whole. An entertaining vampire soap opera, truly an original and the only show of its kind on TV.
      As for drinks, thanks for the invitation but I’m not the drinking type ;)

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