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Aurora Snow’s Breaking Bad: Season 5: Episode 511: “Confessions” Review




Watching Breaking Bad’s final season is a thing of great beauty. We are in the hands of writers who have meticulously crafted their story. The world of our favorite characters is quickly unraveling, and as the end draws near anything is possible. Heisenberg is at his best when he is using keen intellect to get the upper hand on his adversaries, and that’s precisely what’s at the core of this classic episode.

Now fully aware of Walt’s extracurricular activities, Hank springs into action trying to determine how best to bring his brother-in-law to justice. This is a fragile situation in every respect, it’s not just Hank’s career on the line but his sanity as well. He verbally cattle prods Walt into “manning up” encouraging a confession. What Hank fails to realize is that Walt’s already three steps ahead and prepared to confess in the most jaw dropping way. It’s not quite the confession Hank had in mind and more like a thinly veiled threat. A scene so great it had me grinning from ear to ear. Walt’s like a chess player, constantly putting people in check, which is precisely why he isn’t concerned with being caught – he’s already envisioned every possible scenario. He’s truly a master manipulator.

The Mexican restaurant was the perfect setting for the disjointed family to hash it all out. So colorful and busy, festive almost yet the tension at the table could’ve been sliced with a butter knife. After all it’s the first sit down meeting between Walt, Skyler, Hank and Marie since Walt’s deeds have been exposed. Instead of Walt being in the hot seat, it seemed as if Skyler was. She made a very difficult decision to stand by her partner (now in both love and business) and defend her family in the face of the danger that is her brother-in-law.

Funny how it took Walt’s pretense of care to snap Jesse out of the numb darkness he’d sunk into. Walt’s such a terrible father figure he can’t even pretend to be one to the one kid in the world who needs it the most. Sure the possibility of a drastic change for Jesse’s troubled character wasn’t a bad idea, but that would have been too easy. There is nothing easy about Jesse Pinkman these days. Tired of being used, tired of feeling empty and alone and long overdue for an eruption, Jesse now has a target for his anger: Walt. Jesse sees through Walt’s play, as only someone who has been played too many times can. The shock-waves of his epiphany may still be ringing throughout the city of Albuquerque. At least anger is an emotion that can be dealt with and built upon, unlike the nothingness of being numb.

Sal has been more than earning his cut lately, and the hell storm Jesse unleashes on him had me sympathizing for him. He’s a slimy-yet-caring defense attorney trying to do the right thing and make his clients happy. I don’t think he deserves Jesse’s rage, despite his, perhaps, unethical practices. Poor Sal. He needs a vacation!

While the flash-forwards portrays a version of Walt that survives long enough to grow some hair, this final stretch of episodes has proven anything but predictable… and I can’t wait for the next one. This is masterful storytelling at its best.

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    • Waiting on pins & needles until Sunday! I cannot recall watching a final season as tense as this one. Knowing it’s going to end, means anything goes.

  1. 100% agree with your insight here, Aurora. I’ve been watching since Episode 1 a few years back, and can’t find a series that has been as gripping or expertly written since the early seasons of 24.

    I’m curious to know what your thoughts on the possibly spin-off series based on the character of Sal?

    • While I really like Sal’s character, I’m skeptical about whether or not he could carry his own show. He lacks Walt’s strength and foresight. Though I suppose with his own show more of his character would have to be developed.

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