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The Great Gatsby (2013) Blu-ray Review

The Great Gatsby is a visually stunning romantic epic that stays basically true to Fitzgerald's core text, with only some slight diversions into Baz Luhrmann's modern and anachronistic territory.

Ultimate Gangsters Collection: Contemporary Blu-ray Review

The Ultimate Gangsters Collection: Contemporary gathers together five great crime dramas that have all been previously released on Blu-ray. No new extras and no remasterings mean it isn't worth it for those who already own a few of these.

Catch Me If You Can Blu-ray Review

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks make the perfect foils in this breezy, lighthearted cat-and-mouse crime caper from Steven Spielberg.

Titanic: Limited 3D Edition Blu-ray Review

James Cameron's sweeping, visually stunning, romantic epic set aboard the ill-fated Titanic arrives in a feature packed, reference quality Blu-ray 3D combo pack from Paramount.

Cameron’s Titanic Strikes Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D in September (Corrected)

Cameron's Titanic Set to Strike Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D Worldwide in September.

J. Edgar Blu-ray Review

DiCaprio triumphs as J. Edgar Hoover in an otherwise laborious and hallow biopic from director Clint Eastwood.

Inception Blu-ray Review

The line between dreams and reality blur in this thinking man's action thriller from director Christopher Nolan that stirs up a rollicking Home Theatre experience in this superb Blu-ray edition from Warner.

Romeo + Juliet (1996) Blu-ray Review

Romeo + Juliet is a visual treat, but not one of the better interpretations of Shakespeare's tragedy.

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